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Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the UK's largest banks.

The representative APRs for Royal Bank of Scotland credit cards range from 16.9%APR variable on the RBS Platinum Credit credit card, for people with an excellent credit rating, to 16.9%APR variable on the RBS Platinum Credit credit card,.

You're unlikely to be accepted for any Royal Bank of Scotland credit card if you have received CCJs or defaults, or have recently missed payments, especially if these were on a credit card account.

To make a credit card application to Royal Bank of Scotland please click here.
Information about RBS
Address Details for RBS

Contact Address:
Po Box 5747,

Registered Address:
36 St Andrew Square,

Telephone Numbers for RBS

Customer Services:
0870 907 0010
Customer Services:
0870 154 1192
(If you have hearing or speech impairments)

Lost and Stolen Cards:
0870 600 0459


Other information about RBS

Registered Company:
Parent Company:
The Royal Bank Of Scotland Ltd

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Customer reviews (3)
"THE BEST!!!" Guest, 9th Feb 2011

BEST OF BREED. Stellar, consistent professionalism.

"So so........" Guest, 28th Jan 2011

Not had any problems when dealing with them in branch. However, am now trying to transfer money out to other accounts using internet banking and am having major issues. I was told I could do it all online but clearly not. Just had to phone up the tele banking after already being into branch today for an account I couldn't more any money out. Now my online banking has been suspended. I wonder how long they're take to contact me about that! End result: they get to keep their grubby fingers on my money for a bit longer. Note the set-up for internet banking took long enough so I can't believe it's been suspended so quickly!

"Don't let the media hype during the banking crisis put you off" me123Scotland, 4th Jan 2011

I opened a student account with the Royal Bank about two years ago. I also held a child savings account with Nationwide, but closed that due to the appalling service I had received in various branches in Glasgow. The account itself is fairly good. A decent interest rate, a good overdraft, (that I've yet to use), decent student credit card and a number of good offers, such as £100 or a railcard on opening the account. You also get a debit card (which I never use); currently Maestro, but I think they're changing to Visa. The student account is a bog standard student account really. What's kept me as a customer is the service in the four branches I use regularly (Coatbridge, Dumbarton Road Glasgow, Byres Road Glasgow & Glasgow City Centre). I have yet to meet a member of staff in any branch who is not deserving of an award. Even when they're doing slightly more complicated things, such as paying in large numbers of coin bags or getting large denomination notes, they always have a smile on their face and are happy to go the extra mile. The only main complaint I have about the bank is the queuing. Queueing in some branches can be quite an ordeal, often because the tellers are dealing with more complicated issues at the desk. If the bank could sort out the queueing issues (by, for example, bringing more people onto the desks when it gets busier and putting more cash at the desks in the first place), they would really have an excellent service. However, as it stands, I'm happy to remain with the Royal Bank and would recommend that anyone opens an account with them. Don't let the media hype during the banking crisis put you off; no matter what's happening at the top, the service received in branch remains exemplary.

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