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Santander is part of Grupo Santander, one of Europe's largest banks.

The representative APRs for Santander credit cards range from 16.9%APR variable on the Santander Credit credit card, for people with an excellent credit rating, to 16.9%APR variable on the Santander Credit credit card,.

You're unlikely to be accepted for any Santander credit card if you have received CCJs or defaults, or have recently missed payments, especially if these were on a credit card account.

To make a credit card application to Santander please click here.
Information about Santander
Address Details for Santander

Contact Address:
Abbey House,
Po Box 534,
201 Grafton Gate East,
Central Milton Keynes,

Registered Address:
C/O Santander,
2 Triton Square,
Regent's Place,

Telephone Numbers for Santander

Customer Services:
0845 602 1582
Lost and Stolen Cards:
0845 602 1582


Other information about Santander

Registered Company:
Parent Company:
Santander UK Plc

Cards from this provider
Customer reviews (7)
"WHAT A RUBBISH SERVICE!!!" Sebastian, 14th Dec 2011

I've applied for ASDA credit card, which is basically Santander - they suppose to process my application within 10 days and after 30 days I still haven't even heard from them. They don't have telephone number - only address - would you believe that?

"Unnecessary and annoying" Andy H, 5th Oct 2011

My card was eaten by a cash machine which decided to re-boot itself during my transaction. I called Santander to report my card lost and order a new card. I have had the same account number for about 30 years although it has passed from National Giro to Alliance & Leics and more recently to Santander so they should know me! What I thought was a simple phone call turned into my worst nightmare. I cant remember the last time I had to phone the bank, it is probably 10 years ago; the first thing they asked for was a log in and pin number; how am i supposed to know what these are when I am away from home and a computer? Then after being put through to an adviser I am asked continual security questions until I get one wrong when they tell me I have failed security and have to ring back and try again. I spoke to 3 advisers and 2 managers; all of them were the most unhelpful, unsympathetic automatons I have ever spoken to; none of them had any idea about looking after customers. After the 3rd attempt and about 30 minutes on the phone I completely lost it; I only want to order a new card for them to send to my name at my home address which they have known for years!!! Why is that so difficult? Now they have very kindly locked me out and the only way I can progress this is to go home, get 2 separate forms of identity with photos and go into my local branch; I have never been in a bank for years, I don’t even know where the local branch is! I would warn anyone against opening an account with this lot; I am moving banks as soon as I can!

"Okay, quite chatty folk" simpsons88, 1st Mar 2011

I went into the Santander bank as you do to do something other than get a credit card. Any ways, one thing after another i got a credit card. Well, whilst i was applying i thought 0% on purchases for the first 6 months. Thats all that i need to get an engangement ring and i can spread the payments over those first six months. Well.... in teh end i didnt use it but i thought the service was good even though they were quite chatty. I've read here alot of bad things so once i use my card and i'll see what the service is like then and come back to report. Wish me luck :)

"Hopeless, late fees and poor service!!!!" Guest, 4th Feb 2011

Asda credit as operated by Santander is hopeless. They charge late fees in error and take ages to rectify, their high street branches refuse to take payments and Lloyds Bank no longer act on their behalf for making over the counter payments.Customer service is in some far off country and the representatives are infuriating. Any card that is not connected with Santander has to be a better bet.

"Santander are absolutely rubbish" Guest, 30th Jan 2011

Santander are absolutely rubbish at administering Asda Credit Card. Their customer service is diabolical and they do not answer any e mail queries. I recently swopped my credit card to Asda and was very pleased with the monetary reward I get when shopping at Asda. HOWEVER beware Santander who administer this credit card, for the second month in a row I have not received my online statement and now I must pay a bill that I haven't been able to check or risk being charged high interest. I have tried emailing Santander but they never reply and I refuse to use their premium rate telephone number. Shame on Asda for using such an incompetent bunch as Santander for their credit card.

"Not worth the hassle!" PhantomUK, 25th Jan 2011

I have a paypal credit card which is also owned by Santander and I must say the customer service is appalling, the online card management system is a complete joke and doesnt even work correctly, and when you do email them with an enquiry or complaint they simply IGNORE it! Who is the regulator we need to complain too?

"UNJUSTIFIED CHARGE" Guest, 1st Jan 2011

I moved home in march and notified all my credit card companies of my new address. I received a letter from SANTANDER CARDS informing me that i was being charged for a late payment! I phoned up SANTANDER CARDS to explain that i had informed them of the change and that the penalty they were charging me was unjustified. The person i spoke to was very rude and not the slightest bit interested of the circumstances. I am closing my account with SANTANDER CARDS and hope never to have dealings with them again.

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