Debenhams MasterCard

Debenhams MasterCard is provided by Santander.

The representative APR is 19.9%APR variable.

New customers will receive an introductory balance transfer rate of 0% for 12 months.

This makes Debenhams MasterCard a good option if you're looking to transfer an existing credit card balance and don't want to make purchases.
How long will it take to repay with the Debenhams MasterCard
Balance transfer     Purchases
Fixed payment
By switching to the Debenhams MasterCard , you could pay off £1000 in by budgeting £50 each month. This would effectively cost you £50.
Minimum payment
By comparison, if you only make the minimum payment each month, it would take to repay, costing you a total of £1,529,524 on top of the original balance! If this seems high, that's because your minimum payment is calculated as a percentage of your balance. This means each payment will be slightly lower than the month before which will have less effect on clearing your balance. So be smart and pay as much as you can afford!
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Rates & Charges
Introductory rates
Balance transfers
0% for 12 months 123 cards better than this
Balance transfer fee
Not available
Ongoing rates
Typical APR
Balance transfer rate
Balance transfer fee
Balance transfer limit
Cash advance rate
Fees and Charges
Annual fee
Cash advances
3% or £3 minimum 123 cards better than this
Foreign currency transactions
Late payment fee
Over limit fee
Returned payment fee
Insurance and Protection
Payment protection
Payment protection
Free warranty cover
Free price protection insurance
Online fraud protection
Online fraud protection
Travel insurance
Travel insurance
Lost luggage cover
Travel delay insurance
Travel insurance upgrade
Requirements to qualify
Minimum credit history
Minimum age
Minimum income
Must be employed
Interest charged from
Interest-free period
56 days
Interest-free period on cash advances
Time to make payment after statement date
56 days
Minimum payment
1% of balance or £5
Payment by direct debit
Rewards Point Descriptions

Debenhams Reward Points: Purchases made in Debenhams and elsewhere all contribute to Reward Points. Each quarter, coinciding with the cardholder's statement, vouchers will be awarded according to the number of points accrued. These vouchers can be used in Debenhams stores and remain valid for 3 months.

Rewards Shopping Descriptions

When you use your Debenhams Card regularly, you can enjoy a host of exclusive benefits such as: Sale Previews, Exclusive Card Holder offers and Invitations to special events.

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