Vanquis Bank Credit Cards

Vanquis Bank is part of Provident Financial plc, and has been in existence since 2002.

The representative APRs for Vanquis Bank credit cards range from 34.9%APR variable on the Granite Credit credit card, for people with an excellent credit rating, to 39.9%APR variable on the The Vanquis Visa credit card,.

You're unlikely to be accepted for any Vanquis Bank credit card if you have received CCJs or defaults, or have recently missed payments, especially if these were on a credit card account.

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Contact Address:
Freepost Rsbj-Hula-Xlgg,
Customer Services,
Po Box 399,

Registered Address:
Sunbridge Road,

Telephone Numbers for Vanquis Bank

Customer Services:
0871 770 5555
Lost and Stolen Cards:
0871 770 5555


Other information about Vanquis Bank

Registered Company:
Parent Company:
Provident Personal Credit Ltd

Cards from this provider
The Vanquis Visa Card
39.9%APR variable
Granite Credit Card
34.9%APR variable
Customer reviews (26)
"STAY AWAY, DO NOT USE!!!!!!" Guest, 8th Mar 2012

I went to this outfit when things were looking down for me to help my credit score as they say they could. I think I would have been better going to to a loan shark to be honest. The mount it cost me in the end was through the roof, the customer service was one of the worst I have come across, DO NOT ever give them a phone number as this was harassment on the highest level, at least 5 calls a day even some as late 11:30pm. The amount of JUNK mail you get through your letter box is really diabolical. Stay away from this lot, it is for your own good. I give one whole star because I could not give any less..

"Shirley review for Vanquis Bank" Shirley, 3rd Mar 2012

Not everyone can get the credit card after not knowing if id been accepted the card or not I phone up a wk later and got told of customer services id been turned down and didnt get told why so im not applying to them every again

"Guest review for Vanquis Bank" Guest, 7th Feb 2012

want to build your credit, then don't use vanquis, they keep you in the money trap. took a payment out of my account two days early and bingo got bank charge and late payment charge from vanquis, phone vanquis and hey presto......yes its your fault....thankyou vanuis

"what a load of rubbish" graham, 13th Dec 2011

this bank continually harrass you with phone calls demanding money they have no customer service skills and now the are renaging on an agreement that i have with them ,you can never talk to a manager just some idiot that has not got a clue

"Avoid like the plague" Guest, 29th Nov 2011

This is a financial company that apart from helping will cause more problems. Easy to get credit in a third party name and address to an empty property. The person concerned runs up huge debts and the new resider of the property is left to resolve the problem. Customer Service is useless and dont want to know, the matter is then passed to a debt collection agency who act on incorrect information and again, dont want to know. Senior Executive Management to the staff on the phone are bloody hopeless, deal with only responsible banks and avoid this toytown institution

"waste of time" Bozone, 22nd Nov 2011

I tried to apply for a credit card several times I constantly refused to get one from them. But I got calls from credit companies offer me loans if I pay them I have default on my credit before, but my credit score was OK. I applied a high street credit card not with my own bank I got it straight away. I just not understand why the advertise themselves with help for people. When I got better deal on high street bank.

"NIGHTMARE" AJO, 16th Nov 2011


"Poor Company and Customer Service" Guest, 24th Oct 2011

Go elsewhere, left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing. Every agent sounds inexperienced and they all tell you something different. Poor customer service

"Maxwell Taylor review for Vanquis Bank" Maxwell Taylor, 14th Oct 2011

Vanquis is a easy creadit card to use. When easy payment.

"rubbish" Guest, 19th Aug 2011

Do not get a credit card from vanquis/granite they charge you interest before you get your statement. They are just aload of con (people)men.After just one month I have told them to stick there card where the sun don't shine.I would give them a star rating but minus 1,000 does not seem good enough.

"chages" julia, 15th Aug 2011

biggest charges ever!!!!

"Beware" Eileen, 15th Aug 2011

Dont waste your time, the most stressful experience I've ever got in my life when decided to apply for a Vanguis credit card. They will sale your personal details to other companies which start to annoy you all the time.

"Don't be in trouble" Helen, 15th Aug 2011

If you want to be in trouble you can consider to open Vanguis credit card. My experience shows they took all my personal details and sold them to almost all loan companies without my permission. I will never , never, never consider this bank and card in future because they dont respect customers

"about my application" pinki patel, 5th Aug 2011

hiiiiiiiii there i have applied for vanquis credit card before 1 month. n already i have send my id proof document like my bank statement. but there are no reply from your side. and i dont receive my document. tkankyou

"Not worth it in the end." Becky, 29th Jul 2011

I have had a Vanquis card for a couple of years. They started off ok. I was keeping up with payments, not overspending, etc. I was paying more than the minimum payments. But then, as I believe someone else has pointed out, they will deliberately add charges to make you go over the limit and then charge more for going over the limit. I had been paying well over the minimum payment, not missed any payments, then, without warning, the minimum payment increased to almost double what I had been paying even though I had not used the card. Now my card has been stopped because they say I have missed payments or not paid enough (they don't even put the correct information on the bills - that's if they bother sending a bill at all). I even told the woman on the 'phone that I couldn't do much about it if my payments double without using the card but she seemed to ignore that. I would not recommend them at all.

"USA" Guest, 1st Jun 2011

Not fan happy of this card , it does not work if you live in the USA, so its not for everyone to get.

"Guest review for Vanquis Bank" Guest, 17th May 2011

Despite a credit score of 819 (good) I was finding it impossible to get a credit card - following bankruptcy. I applied online and found them very helpful. This card will be used to build credit and escape from the subprime category, although they do say they will reduce APR as usage increases, and balances are paid on time. Does anyone have any experience of APR increase after four months as stated on their information? So far they have been fine, no complaints as yet.

"Worth while card!!" Guest, 9th May 2011

This card benefits you providing a direct debit is on the account and you keep your re-payments up to date! If you are looking to make repayments manually then make sure you pay at least 5 working days before the payment is due the you wont have any problems..... plus if you pay off 2 balances (2 months) in full and only use the card for purchases then you wont get interest! Cant go wrong!! :D

"Subprime credit providers" phil, 30th Apr 2011

I have to say that I got myself in a spot of financial stew some years ago. Vanquis were the only company who would offer me a card. I have always paid the minimum balance and have been rewarded with regular credit increases. Only disappointment was they didnt offer lower APR. Also given a gold card which is only an asthetic touch, does not give better interest rate. Does look good though, makes it look like your not a subprime credit card holder, unlike some more mainstream. A bit of an ego boost!!! My last default was recorded on 28 April 2005, and as I keep a check on my credit situation with equifax I expect to have a good record any day now as it takes a week or so for such data to be removed from record after 6 years. I shall if course be hunting for a new card with a vastly better rate, approx 1/3 my current interst. However i would recommend Vanquis to anyone who has a poor credit rating, but di not tske out any other product they offer, the policy that sounds like PPI isnt and is very poor value just a money making scheme on top if the high interest. I have also heard that they are ruthless, verging on harassing if you make a late payment, see forums which state 20 calls in 3 days. One other thing in their favour, although their interst is high, it us still about 12 times cheaper than the legal payday loan sharks. Better Vanquis than 30 percent per month poundstillpayday et al. So if you want a sub prime card, are willing to accept high interest, and will make payments in time, go for it. Thanks Vanquis fir putting your trust in me, but hopefully next week I will be saying goodbye to high interest and hello to being better off each month.

"Not a worthwhile card" Steve, 19th Apr 2011

Very easy to get through the application process, it seems they will give almost anyone a card, but in my experience they will look for every opportunity to lay additional charges on you and double them up where they can by deliberately using the first charge to push you over your limit.

"Can't Complain" Trevor Munday, 19th Apr 2011

Had to look at getting a sub-prime card after a divorce and yes, it's not nice to be in the end of the market and facing those interest rates. However what can you do if you need credit and no-one else will lend to you? I made sure to pay everything off the balance and hey presto after a while my credit report got a bit better and I could look elsewhere. So if you need a bit of help in a bad situation, it's fine, just make sure you keep up the repayments.

"Helped Me Out of A Hole" Wilf Jones, 8th Apr 2011

My business went under in the crunch and the knock-on effects on my credit profile were a disaster. Vanquis were one of the few companies that accepted my application and as a result my profile is now looking much better. Yes, you have to be careful to make payments, but provided you do so and don't spend over your limit, it does what it says on the tin.

"I personally cannot praise them too highly !. :-)" Guest, 10th Feb 2011

I have used Vanquis sucessfully for over 3 years. As another reviewer has remarked , they specialise in providing Credit facilities to people who would normally be considered 'High Risk'. Subsequently they charge high interest and keep a tight control on their customer's accounts. Put yourself in their shoes's, what would you do ?.Using Vanquis quickly teaches you how to manage a credit card properly. I did not in the past , much to my regret.I have not had a single problem with them in 3 years. I now have a gold card. I will move on to a card with a lower interest rate but am more than happy to use them for mow. Customer service is first class and they now have web based account access. I personally cannot praise them too highly !. :-)

"Complete waste of time & effort" Guest, 4th Feb 2011

Every year Vanquis send me a application in the post, so this year I applied. I have no other credit cards/debts or finace or ever had, so wanted the Vanquis card to help me build a good credit report. I got turned down. The problems started when they wanted photo copies of my bills, tenancy agreements etc. to prove who I was so I got them and sent them in... then a few weeks later they wanted my bank information (even going as far as to tell me it has a effect on my application) so they got it. Then they turned me down. Complete waste of time & effort and the fact it took over 2 months to process the application...

"I would recomend Vanquis to anyone and not just friends" Guest, 26th Jan 2011

I would recomend Vanquis to anyone and not just friends. There a local company from Yorkshire and have helped more people to obtain a better credit score with thier cards, providing bills are paid on time as Mr Lewis often says. I obtained thier details from The Money The Apr was i little high but normally is when dealing with sub prime credit applications. The application method was simple over the internet, followed up by a polite call back by thier staff. The card and pin arrived swiftly and i managed to log onto the e vanquis site to monitor my account online and at ease. Just wanted to write this review to thank both the staff at Money Supermarket and also at Colonade Bradford. And also to confirm they are both very reputable companies. NO WAY ON THIS EARTH IS VANQUIS A SCAM F.F.S. And if you want a card then go ahead and do as ive done in this message and the card should be with you within a month. You never know, maybe Vanquis can help you out of the new year cashflow trap, they have already helped me no end

"Not a fan of the customer service!!!!" Guest, 25th Jan 2011

Not a fan of the customer service; working night shifts then being woke at half 8 in the morning for a advisor with attitude on the line doesn't do well for customer relations Just be careful when paying the monthly payment; it takes 3 days to process and ive fallen foul of late payment fee's despite paying it before the due date

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