Santander Personal Loan


Competitive interest rates similar to the other banks - simple online application form and 24 hour decision

They will try to push Payment Protection Insurance on you, you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere

Santander has a very bad reputation for their customer service - unable to carry out simple tasks and customers being passed from one representative to the next

Santander are offering personal loans between £1,000 and £20,000 for up to 5 years. You can use the loan for almost any purpose. Santander offer PPI but you are not obliged to take it.

You can apply online within minutes and they will give you a decision within 24 hours. Santander's interest rate is very similar to other high street banks which makes it a cheap option.

You can apply online using their online application form which only takes a few minutes. Within 3 working days of submitting your application, they will send you a letter explaining whether your application has been successful or not. If you have been successful, they will send you a credit agreement which you need to sign and return in the freepost envelope (along with any other documents they may ask you to provide). Payment is instant once they have received your final documents.

You can also apply by calling them on 0800 028 4055 and they will run through an application with you. Another way of applying is by going into your local branch. If you do visit your local branch, make sure you take with you: Proof of ID, Income information (wage slips and bank statement), monthly outgoings information (mortgage, rent, utility bills, etc), bank details of where you want the money to go into, bank details of where you want the money to come out of, up to 3 years address history, details of you employers (name, time been there, address of), details of all your bank statements and credit cards.

How much will it cost to repay a Santander Personal Loan?
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Loan Details
5.9% - 18.9%
Representative APR
Loan Amount
£1,000 - £20,000
Repayment Period
Minimum Term 1 year

Loans up to £20,000 - 5 years
Repayment Method
Transferred into your bank account
Speed to Payout
4 – 7 working days
Arrangement Fee
Payment Holidays
Income Protection Available
Average Customer Review
Acceptance Criteria
  • You must be a permanent resident in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must have a bank account/building society with direct debit facilities
  • You will need an e-mail address
  • You will need to provide: all previous addresses from the last 3 years, your email address, your employer's address and postcode, details of your yearly income and monthly outgoings and your bank/building society account details
Default Fees
  • Default Notice - £40.00
  • Monthly Arrears Fee - £20.00
Late Payment Fees
  • Late Fee - £15.00
Early Settlement Fees
  • If the agreement is for a term of more than one year, they may charge you one month's interest to cover the cost of setting up the loan

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